Key processes in power plants, chemical, petrochemical industries rely extensively on UVC spectroscopy for real-time monitoring to minimize costs, maximize productivity and meet regulatory and quality control standards. UVC light can also be used to prevent biofilm formation and biofouling in industrial sensors and equipment to ensure efficient operation with minimum maintenance.
  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of water quality in the distribution system, in a marine environment, or in industrial processes becomes possible with UVC LEDs.

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  • Process Monitoring

    过程监控确保我是很重要的ndustrial processes operate efficiently, at minimal cost and contamination. The size, lifetime, and sensitivity advantages of LEDs are enabling real-time monitoring across industries.

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  • Biofilm Prevention

    Biofilms have adverse effects on a variety of instruments, sensors, and equipment in industrial environments. Because of the productivity loss and increased maintenance costs due to biofilm industry leaders are exploring new solutions for prevention—UV irradiation using UVC LEDs.

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